Literary Birthdays: Week of November 30 – December 6

November 30

Lucy Maud Montgomery (b. 1874) – Canadian Novelist – Anne of Green Gables

David Mamet (b. 1947) – U.S. Playwright/screenwriter – Glengarry Glen Ross

December 1

Rex Stout (b. 1886) – U.S. Crime/detective fiction writer – The Doorbell Rang

Woody Allen (b. 1935) – U.S. Comedian / screenwriter – Annie Hall

Excerpt from Annie Hall
ALVY: Tsch, I know.  A relationship, I think, is like a shark, you know?  It has
to constantly move forward or it dies. And I think what we got on our hands
is a dead shark.

December 2

Botho Strauss (b. 1944) – German playwright, novelist, essayist – The Hypochondriacs (Die Hypochonder)

December 3

Joseph Conrad (Jozef Teodor Konrad Korzeniowski) (b. 1857) – Polish/British novelist – Lord Jim

December 4

Rainer Maria Rilke (b. 1875) – Austrian poet – The Book of Hours (Das Stundenbuch)

From“The Book of the Monkish Life – First Book” in The Book of Hours

Why should my hands get lost in brushes?

For when I draw you, Lord, you’d hardly know of it.

I’d rather feel you. On my senses’ hem you gently start

by dotting islands on a map,

and to your eyes which never blink or bat

I am the room

You stand no longer in your glistening

with angels dancing, robbing you,

like music, of a broader view –

You live, instead, far back.

This sky of yours stands listening

for me since I withdrew.

December 5

Joan DidionJoan Didion (b. 1934) – U.S. novelist, essayist, screenwriter – The Year of Magical Thinking

December 6

Ira Gershwin (b. 1896) – U.S. lyricist – “I Got Rhythm” (Girl Crazy)

Chorus of “I Got Rhythm
I got rhythm, I got music,
I got my man —
Who could ask for anything more?

I got daisies, In green pastures,
I got my man —
Who could ask for anything more?
Old man trouble, I don’t mind him —
You won’t find him
‘Round my door
I got starlight, I got sweet dreams,
I got my man —
Who could ask for anything more —
Who could ask for anything more?!

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