Literary Birthdays – Week of July 5 – 11

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July 5

Veronica Guerin
Veronica Guerin (b. 1958) – Irish investigative journalist

Read a selection of news summaries about Guerin:

and the Women’s Museum of Ireland biography:

Read the comments of Guerin’s brother Jimmy in this 2016 article, 20 years after Veronica’s assassination:

Back pounding the pavements of north Dublin with a message that only a concerted, aggressive crackdown on the crime gangs will end this war, Guerin asked, what was for him, the hardest question of all: did his sister die in vain? “When you look at the current situation, the state is weak and the crime gangs are thriving. You have to conclude at this stage that Veronica’s legacy has at least been betrayed and the war the state started after she was murdered is being lost.”

July 6

Louisa Tuthill (b. 1798) – U.S. writer of juvenile fiction and women’s domestic themes; architectural historian – History of Architecture From the Earliest Times

Read about Louisa Tuthill here and here and here

Read Tuthill’s book The History of Architecture From the Earliest Times here.

July 7

Lillien Jane Martin
Lillien Jane Martin (b. 1851) – U.S. psychologist, specialist in early childhood and old age – Salvaging Old Age (1930; co-author Clare de Gruchy)

Excerpt from Part II of Sweeping the Cobwebs (1933) by Lillien Jane Martin and Clare De Gruchy –

“General Exercises for That Mental Rehabilitation Called Salvaging Old Age”

July 8

Anna Quindlen
Anna Quindlen (b. 1952) – U.S. journalist, opinion columnist, novelist – One True Thing

Anna Quindlen reads an excerpt from her novel Rise and Shine:

July 9

Barbara Cartland
Barbara Cartland (born July 9, 1901) – U.K. romance novelist – A Hazard of Hearts (1949)

Read about Barbara Cartland here and here

Watch this fan video about the film version of A Hazard of Hearts:

July 10

Alice Munro
Alice Munro (b. 1931) – Canadian short story writer; 2009 Man Booker Prize winner; 2013 Nobel Prize Literature – “The Bear Came Over the Mountain” (1999); The Dance of the Happy Shades (1968)

Read about Alice Munro in this 2005 Observer article:

Read “The Bear Came Over the Mountain”
(first published in the
New Yorker magazine)

July 11

Suzanne Vega
Suzanne Nadine Vega (b. 1959) – U.S. singer/songwriter

Tom’s Diner

Watch an interview with Vega:



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