Literary Birthdays – August 30 – September 5

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August 30

Mary Shelley
Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley (born August 30, 1797) – British novelist – Frankenstein
Frankenstein illust Lynd Ward
Frankenstein illustration
by U.S. artist Lynd Ward
Read about Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley here:

August 31

William Saroyan (born August 31, 1908) – U.S. novelist playwright, story writer – The Human Comedy
William Saroyan

September 1

Eleanor Hibbert Eleanor Hibbert (aka Victoria Holt; Philippa Carr; Eleanor Burford) (born September 1,  1906) – U.K. novelist – My Enemy, The Queen by Victoria Holt (1978)

September 2

Tom Glazer (born September 2, 1914) – U.S. folksinger, songwriter – Melody of Love

Melody of Love (Lyrics by Tom Glazer)

Hold me in your arms dear – dream with me
Cradled by your kisses – tenderly
While a choir of angels – from above
Sing our melody of loveHeart to heart forever – lips entwined
I am yours – and you are mine, all mine
Heaven wrote the music – up above
For our melody of love

On Top of Spaghetti (Lyrics by Tom Glazer)On top of spaghetti,
All covered with cheese,
I lost my poor meatball,
When somebody sneezed.It rolled off the table,
And on to the floor,
And then my poor meatball,
Rolled out of the door.It rolled in the garden,
And under a bush,
And then my poor meatball,
Was nothing but mush.The mush was as tasty
As tasty could be,
And then the next summer,
It grew into a tree.The tree was all covered,
All covered with moss,
And on it grew meatballs,
And tomato sauce.So if you eat spaghetti,
All covered with cheese,
Hold on to your meatball,
Whenever you sneeze.

Listen to Tom Glazer and friends sing “On Top of Spaghetti”:

September 3

Mort Walker (born September 3, 1923) – U.S. cartoonist – Beetle Bailey

Read / listen to a 2008 interview with Mort Walker on Edward Champion’s blog:

Spike Feresten (born September 3, 1964) – U.S. television comedy writer – Seinfeld (Soup Nazi episode) Spike Feresten

Watch a clip from the Seiinfeld “Soup Nazi” episode

September 4

Richard Wright (born September 4, 1908) – U.S. novelist, essayist, poet – Native Son Richard Wright

Read about Richard Wright here

September 5

Robert Fergusson (born September 5, 1750) – Scottish poet Robert Fergusson


On Seeing a Butterfly in the Street

DAFT gowk ! in macaroni dress,
Are ye come here to shaw your face,
Bowden wi’ pride o’ simmer gloss,
To cast a dash at Reekie’s cross,
And glow’r at mony a twa-legged creature,
Flees braw by art, though worms by nature !
Like country laird in city cleedin’,
Ye’re come to town, to lear good breedin’ ;
To bring ilk darlin’ toast and fashion
In vogue amang the flee creation,
That they, like buskit belles and beaux,
May crook their mou’ fu’ sour at those
Whase weird is still to creep, alas !

Read the rest of “On Seeing a Butterfly in the Street” here

Read more of Robert Fergusson’s poetry here:
and here

The Poetical Works of Robert Fergusson at

Arthur Koestler

Arthur Koestler (born September 5, 1905) – Hungarian/U.K. novelist, essayist – Darkness at Noon (1941)

Bob Newhart (born September 5, 1929) – U.S. comedianBob Newhart

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