Literary Birthdays – Week of October 11 – 17

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Sunday October 11

Elmore Leonard
Elmore Leonard (b. 1925) – U.S. novelist – Get Shorty (1991)

Watch Elmore Leonard talk about his writing in this excellent interview:


Monday October 12

Ding Ling (Jiǎng Bīngzhī 蒋冰之) (b. 1904) – Chinese short story writer, novelist – In the Darkness / Zai Heianzhong (1928) Ding Ling

Read a brief biography of Ding Ling here: and here

Read the Wikipedia entry for Ding Ling here:

Tuesday October 13

Lenny Bruce (b. 1925) – U.S. comedian

Listen to Lenny Bruce perform:

Wednesday October 14

Edward Estlin Cummings (b. 1894) – U.S. poet, artist painting ee cummings1

Read Andrea Peloso’s blog post about e.e. cummings:

Read the e.e. cummings poems top ten list:

Thursday October 15

Mario Puzo (b. 1920) – U.S. novelist – Godfather (1969) Mario Puzo

Watch Mario Puzo talk about how he came to write Godfather:

Friday October 16

George Turner (b. 1916) – Australian science fiction writer – The Sea and Summer (1987)

Read about George Turner here:


Here are excerpts of customer reviews of
The Sea and Summer:

“This novel pictures a world facing the rising sea with the resulting decline of the land mass. It based in the middle of the 21st century Australia. The unemployed form more than half the population and they are massed in specially built high rise towers and kept there by the police and the army.”  – Ahmed

“Reading it, you can feel the heat, the claustrophobia, the hopelessness of life on the fringes and the rising sea lapping at the doorstep. The scary thing is, the writing’s on the wall. Global warming is still a threat, huge multi-story pack-em-in apartment blocks are going up in the middle of cities everywhere, the gap between the haves and have nots is rising, and everybody’s looking away.” – Sarah

Read a biography and bibliography of George Turner:


Saturday October 17

Eminem (Marshall Bruce Mathers III)  (b. 1972) – U.S. rapper

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