Literary Birthdays – November 1 – 7

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November 1

Hermann Broch
Hermann Broch (born November 1, 1886) – Austrian writer – The Death of Virgil

Read the Authors Calendar biography of Hermann Broch:

Read Brad McCormick’s impressions of Broch:

“How could such a seemingly small detail in a book change a life? Because …it deconstructed for me the whole social world into which I had been born and in which I was still immersed, a social milieu which pervasively failed to meet my needs…”

November 2

Odysseas Elytis
Odysseas Elytis (Greek: Οδυσσέας Ελύτης) (born November 2, 1911) – Greek poet, 1979 Nobel Prize for Literature

Read about Odysseas Elytis and his thoughts on his poetry
in this blog post from MyGreek Odyssey:

The Orange Girl

She became so intoxicated by the sun’s juice
That she bowed her head and consented
Slowly slowly to become: the little Orange Girl !

And so while the seven skies glittered with blue
And so while the crystals touched a fire
And so while swallow-tails flashed
Angels above were bewildered and girls below
Storks above were bewildered and peacocks below
And all gathered together and saw her together
And all together called her: the little Orange Girl !

Vineshoots and scorpions reel drunkenly the whole world is drunk
But the sting of dawn will not leave pain alone
The dwarf heron says it amid the earthworms
The drip-drop of water says it amid golden moments
And the dew says it to the lips of the good North Wind:

Get up O small small small Orange Girl !
No one knows you as the kiss knows you
Nor does the laughing god know you
Who with his hand open to the flaming glare of the sun
Exposes you naked before his thirty-two winds

Watch the YouTube video recitation of “The Orange Girl” (in Greek)

November 3

Jesus Blasco

jesus blasco example1
Jesús Blasco (born November 3, 1919) – Spanish comic book artist – The Steel Claw (1962); 2000AD (1967)

Read about Jesus Blasco Monterde here and here

Read about The Steel Claw here: and here:
Read about 2000AD here:
blasco example2

See examples of Blasco’s fantasy art here:

November 4


Walter Cronkite (born November 4, 1916) – U.S. journalist – A Reporter’s Life

“I’d like to be remembered as a person who tried to give the news as impartially, as factually, as possible, and succeeded most of the time.”

Read this 1996 interview of Walter Cronkite, where he reflects on his life:

Watch an example of Walter Cronkite’s television reporting:

November 5

Raymond Loewy (born November 5, 1893) – French-American industrial designer – The Locomotive: Its Aesthetics (1937)

See examples of Loewy designs in this blog post:

See photos of Loewy and more of his designs here:

November 6

Laure Junot Duchesse d'Abrantes Laure Junot, Duchesse d’Abrantès (born November 6, 1784) – French memoirist  – Memoirs

Read the Wikipedia biography here:,_duchess_d%27Abrant%C3%A8s

Excerpt from Memoirs (volume 1):

Between my mother and the Bonaparte family, the closest friendship subsisted.  He who afterward became the master of the world , lived long on a footing of intimacy with us. He used to frequent my father’s house when I was yet a child and he scarcely a young man. I may almost say that I have witnessed every scene of his life; for being married to one of those men who were devotedly attached to him and constantly with him, what I did not myself see, I was accurately informed of.

I may therefore fearlessly affirm, that of all of the individuals who have written about Napoleon, few are so competent as myself to give a detailed account of him.

November 7

Albert Camus (born November 7, 1913) – French playwright, philosopher – The Possessed

Watch Albert Camus talk (in French) about his work The Possessed in relation to the literature of Dostoyevsky:

Read the Time magazine article (1959) about The Possessed,9171,892193,00.html


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