Literary Birthdays – Week of June 13 – 19, 2010

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June 13

William Butler Yeats (b. 1865) – Irish poet, playwright, Nobel Prize in Literature (1923) – The Tower (1928)

Read the Authors Calendar biography
of William Butler Yeats


June 14

Ernesto Che Guevara (b. 1928) – Argentinian physician, author, revolutionary activist – The Motorcycle Diaries Che Guevara young

Read about Che Guevara here

Read excerpts from Che Guevara’s writings in Joseph Hart’s

Che: the life, death, and afterlife of a revolutionary

Listen to an interview with history professor Paul J. Dosal about Che Guevara’s failures in the Congo and Bolivia

Comandante Che: 40 Years Later

John Thomson (born June 14, 1837) – Scottish photographer John Thomson

Read about John Thomson here and here

Manchu Bride by John Thomson
“Manchu bride, Peking, Penchilie province, China (1871)” (See more of John Thomson’s photos at


June 15

Ibn-e-Insha (ابن انشاء) (b. 1927) – Pakistani poet

Read the Wikipedia article about Ibn-e-Insha

Read more about Ibn-e-Insha here

Read one of Ibn-e-Insha’s poems translated into English:

O virgin sunray
You said you would come
piercing the darkness
of this blind night
bringing the dawn.

I sat through the night, waiting
As the dew spread in a sheet
and the moon gave a glimpse
the stars shone in the sky
fireflies danced in the forest….


June 16

Lamont Dozier (b. 1941) – U.S. songwriter – The Legendary Soul Master: Black Bach / Out Here On My Own
 Lamont Dozier

Read the Wikipedia biography of Lamont Dozier

Read the Songwriters Hall of Fame biography of Lamont Dozier

Visit the Lamont Dozier website

Watch Lamont Dozier talk about how
“Stop in the Name of Love” was written

Lamont Dozier 2

Vocal track (no music) the Supremes singing ‘Stop in the Name of Love’

Listen to Dozier sing his song “Trying to Hold on to My Woman”

Listen to The Supremes sing the Holland-Dozier song “You Can’t Hurry Love”

Watch Phil Collins perform “You Can’t Hurry Love” / “Two Hearts”
(written by Collins and Dozier)


June 17

Jeph Jacques Jeph Jacques (b. 1980) – U.S. comic strip artist – Questionable Content

Read about Jeph Jacques here and here

Visit the Questionable Content website


June 18

Sammy Cahn (Samuel Cohen) (b. June 18, 1913) – U.S. songwriter/lyricist – “High Hopes”

Read the L.A. Times bio for Sammy Cahn

Watch Frank Sinatra and Eddie Hodges sing “High Hopes”
in the 1959 film
A Hole in the Head


June 19

Pauline Kael (b. 1919) – U.S. film critic – I Lost It at the Movies (1965)

Read the Wikipedia article about Pauline Kael

Read excerpts from five Pauline Kael film reviews

Read Pauline Kael’s 1982 review of Blade Runner


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