LitBirthdays – July 23, 2010

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July 23

Raymond_Chandler Raymond Chandler (b. 1888) – U.S. novelist, short story writer –  The Long Goodbye (1953)

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Listen to Raymond Chandler’s voice in this
1958 recording in the BBC sound archive

Note: Author Ian Fleming interviews a very drunk Raymond Chandler

Chandler: The private eye is a catalyst.  He is the man who resolves the situation. He doesn’t exist in real life. Unless you can make him seem real. He doesn’t make any money on it.

*  *  *

Fleming: I wonder what the basic ingredients of a good thriller really are.

Chandler: There has to be an element of mystery. In fact, there has to be a mysterious situation. The detective does not know what it’s all about. He knows that there is something strange about it, but he doesn’t know what it’s all about. And it seems to me that the real mystery is not who killed Sir John in his study, but what the situation really was — what the people were after; what sort of people they were.

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