LitBirthdays July 25, 2010

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July 25

Maria Gripe Maria Gripe (b. 1923) – Swedish children’s book author – Hugo and Josephine

Read about Maria Gripe here and here

Read Maria Gripe’s obituary (Swedish language)

Maria Gripe was born in Vaxholm in 1923. She moved to Örebro at age six and after her graduation, she studied at the University of Stockholm. She debuted in 1946 with “In our little town”, but broke through in 1961 with the book “Josephine”, the start of a novel series that was followed by “Hugo and Josephine” and “Hugo”.

A prominent feature of Mary Gripe’s writing was respect for the individual and the belief in each person’s unique characteristics, which is especially visible in the social realism “Elvis” series, which she wrote with her husband Harald Gripe in the 70’s. Her husband, who was a famous artist and illustrated the covers of almost all her books, died in 1992.

Josephine Tey (Elizabeth MacKintosh, AKA Gordon Daviot) (b. 1896) – U.K. detective fiction novelist and historical playwright – The Daughter of Time (1951) The Daughter of Time book cover - Josephine Tey

Read the Wikipedia article for Josephine Tey

Read Lizzy’s Literary Life blog post about Richard III and
Josephine Tey’s
The Daughter of Time

Why is a book about who killed Richard III titled “The Daugher of Time”?

“Truth is the daughter of time” (attributed to Aulus Gellius, 2nd century AD, and Francis Bacon, 16th century)

Read about Josephine Tey and the golden age of British crime fiction on the
Books To The Ceiling blog

More about Josephine Tey on the July 25, 2009 LitBirthdays


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