LitBirthdays July 28, 2010

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July 28

Francis Veber - 3976

Francis Veber (b. 1937) – French film director, screenwriter – The Valet (La Doublure)(2006)

Read about Francis Veber here

Read an interview with Francis Veber about
writing/directing film comedy

In La Doublure, there were two great problems: when I started to do the structure with my assistant, Sam, he asked me, why does the supermodel accept to go live with this guy in his apartment? And I said, the billionaire puts the money in her account. He is American, he understood that. But when I told my French friends, they said she is a whore—it took me three or four weeks of suffering to make up the idea that she is blackmailing him and she will take the money and then put it back when they get married. So she is clever. The second problem: how can you avoid having this little hairy guy living with a beautiful girl, and he’s not always looking at her, when she is in the bathroom, and trying to touch her? The only solution was to have a love story elsewhere.

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on the Internet Movie Data Base



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