LitBirthdays July 29, 2010

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Thursday July 29

Chester Himes Chester Himes (b. 1909) – U.S. crime fiction novelist –

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Nathalie Handal.PNG


Nathalie Handal (b. 1969) – American Palestinian poet, playwright – Love and Strange Horses (2010)

Read the Wikipedia entry for Nathalie Handal

Visit Nathalie Handal’s website

Nathalie Handal talks about Andalusia and her heritage here

The Other Woman

I say, no perfume
no open windows
no cooking, no waiting
I say, on any
layover, go to the
airport bathroom, leave
the bracelet he gave you.
Get a house in the suburbs
have a whiskey or
a gin and tonic,
find a scapegoat for your sins.
I say, the texture of your hair
is rough, the fabric
of your clothes tacky,
the fog in your eyes
a dangerous bridge.
I say, stop coming for him—
I forbid him to come to you.
In you is a basement without lights
a place with an accent he recognizes
maybe loves. No, the other woman
finally responds, he only loves his absence
and whatever is left of him is mine—
I’ll kill myself, she continues.
And I wonder if he asks her to say that.


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