LitBirthdays August 10

Dorothy B Hughes

Dorothy B. Hughes (born August 10, 1904) – U.S. mystery writer, poet, historian

Read the Authors Calendar biography and the Wikipedia article on Dorothy Hughes

Read Megan Abbott’s article about Hughes’ novel In A Lonely Place:

The pervasive—and ultimately convincing—theory of 1940s noir links it to the return of soldiers to a changed America. Gone are the economic opportunity, the glory, the innocence of their own youth. And, perhaps most of all, their women. Out of the kitchen and into the workforce. Potentially into their jobs. And who knew what else they had been up to while he was gone? Whom they had let in their bedrooms? The result was a dark current of books and films depicting men alone facing a world over which they have no control, and in which the greatest threat is emasculation at the hands of the woman, the femme fatale.


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