LitBirthdays September 2, 2010

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September 2

William C. Rhoden (born September 2, 1950) – U.S. sportswriter – “Sports of the Times” for the New York Times; Forty Million Dollar Slaves (2006) BillRhoden.jpg

Read about Bill Rhoden here

(Scroll down the page)

Read one of Rhoden’s columns in the New York Times

“For the U.S. Team, the Best Revenge Is to Win”

Watch Bill Rhoden being interviewd by Stephen Colbert

Watch Bill Rhoden talk about his book
Forty Million Dollar Slaves
(Minute 3:19)

“It’s basically about self-empowerment. But it’s also a cautionary tale — a lot of the racism is still present.”

Tetsuo Hara Tetsuo Hara (born September 2, 1961) Japanese manga artist / game designer – Saturday Night Slam Masters

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