LitBirthdays September 9, 2010

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September 9

Sonia Sanchez (born September 9, 1934) – U.S. poet, playwright, college professor – Morning Haiku (2008) Sonia Sanchez

Read about Sonia Sanchez here and here

Watch / Listen to Sonia Sanchez on the Tavis Smiley show

“There’s always that subtext with the Haiku. When there is beauty there is also non-beauty; when there is good there is also bad. There’s always that coming together. So that’s why I love the Haiku. But for another reason — for our children.”

10 Haiku (for Max Roach)

Nothing ends
every blade of grass
remembering your sound

your sounds exploding
in the universe return
to earth in prayer

as you drummed
your hands kept
reaching for God

the morning sky
so lovely imitates
your laughter

you came warrior
clear your music
kissing our spines

feet tapping
singing, impeach
our blood

you came drumming
sweet life on
sails of flesh

your fast beat
riding the air settles
in our bones

your drums
soloing our breaths into
the beat . . . unbeat

your hands
shimmering on the
legs of rain.


Leo (Count Lev Nikolayevich) Tolstoy (born September 9, 1828) – Russian novelist – Hadji Murad (1917)

Read about Leo Tolstoy here and here

From the Authors Calendar biography:

Tolstoy’s fiction grew originally out of his diaries, in which he tried to understand his own feelings and actions so as to control them. He read widely fiction and philosophy.

Tolstoy’s major work, War and Peace, appeared between the years 1865 and 1869. The epic tale depicted the story of five families against the background of Napoleon’s invasion of Russia. War and Peace reflected Tolstoy’s view that all is predestined, but we cannot live unless we imagine that we have free will.

Read about Hadji Murad, Tolstoy’s story of Chechen rebels, here

Read Hadji Murad online


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