LitBirthdays September 10, 2010

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September 10

Charles Kuralt (born September 10, 1934) – U.S. journalist – On the Road with Charles Kuralt (television series) Charles Kuralt

Read the Wikipedia article about Charles Kuralt

Read a Charles Kuralt biography

Read a New York Magazine article about Charles Kuralt

Watch a segment of On the Road with Charles Kuralt

Watch 16 in Webster Groves, a 1966 documentary narrated by Kuralt
about teenagers (and their parents) in a midwestern town

Other video links for Charles Kuralt:

Levi Fisher, Pennsylvania postal master:

Steam locomotive driver (1980s)

Building a canoe with Bill Hafeman

1970 news feature on the centennial lightbulb at Livermore, California

Shoe Salesman “The Best in the Business”;wc4596758


Andrei Makine Andrei Makine (born September 10, 1957) – Russian / French novelist – Human Love

Read an interview of Andrei Makine–through-the-iron-curtain-to-paris-1077329.html

Read about Makine’s novel Human Love

Listen to a podcast about Makine and his novel The Woman Who Waited

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