LitBirthdays September 19, 2010

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September 19


Maud Sulter (b. 1960) – Scottish / Ghanaian-descent photographer, poet –

Read about Maud Sulter here and here and here

My Blackness My Cloak

My blackness is a beautiful cloak
Of selfhood that permeates my soul
So sister-white feminist
When you see
a bit of sun
Don’t come
rushing to me
To say
‘Look, I’ll be as brown
(never black – God forbid)
as you soon’
or also common
‘I get even darker
than you’
Don’t show
Your peeling red flesh
I couldn’t give a damn.

Maud Sulter, from As a Black Woman, 1985


Maud Sulter’s photography

A curator describes Maud Sulter’s artworks on exhibit:

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