LitBirthdays September 25, 2010

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September 25

Andrzej Stasiuk Andrzej Stasiuk (b. 1960) – Polish novelist, essayist, critic – Fado (2009)

Read about Andrzej Stasiuk here and here and here

“Shocking accounts of humiliation and brutality combined with a pathos bordering on the lyrical, with sarcasm, artfulness, linguistic refinement and a flair for poetic shortcuts – this is Stasiuk’s prose.”

But on the other hand, Stasiuk says Fado is …

“This lyric of loss, this Slavic On the Road.”  Fado also follows his search—the legacy of the road—for a new life, his “Europeanness” questioned from either side, not only by the West but also by Gypsies, who Stasiuk is drawn to because their “ahistorical presence” defies understanding by the modern world.

Read the New York Times review of Stasiuk’s novel Nine

“One measurement of a genuine writer is his or her ability to evoke a place that is instantly familiar yet outside our direct personal experience. Andrzej Stasiuk is this kind of writer.”

Read the Words Without Borders review of Fado

Listen to / watch Andrzej Stasiuk read from Nine

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