LitBirthdays October 6, 2010


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October 6

Ayten Mutlu Ayten Mutlu (born October 6, 1952) – Turkish poet

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la femme était plus petite qu’un grain de sable / the woman was smaller than a grain of sand
la mer était plus petite que la douleur innée chez la femme  / the sea was smaller than the pain within the woman

ce vieux vent soufflait éternellement / this old wind blows forever
sans plus se souciant de mer, ni de Voie Lactée / without a care in the sea, or the Milky Way

et la femme marchait avec ses souvenirs dénudés / and the woman walked on with her bare memories
sans poser le pied sur les sables, ni sur les étoiles / without putting a foot on the sand, or the stars


Traduit par : Mustafa BALEL

Turkish Language Class


time is water
you are the appearance of life on it

with stormy wings
you are entering my house
in the heart of solitude

you are bringing a garden, holding its hand
a garden which has learned birds’ language
a garden which has known flowers
a garden which has walked rivers

while waiting birds coming
you are going away
leaving in my hands
a paralyzed garden
a silent garden
a garden which has forgotten its dreams

the wing´s sound on the water was being erased

Translated by Tozan Alkan

Yarali Hayvanlar  / Wounded Animals
(in Turkish language)

and in English here

Poets from Senegal and Others – Partiir


l’homme peut comprendre un jour / Man will understand one day
qu’il est un arbre qui se vieillit tout seul / that he is a tree growing old all alone
et peut écrire la tristesse donc / and can write his sadness
aux blessures causées par le vent dans son corps / in the wounds caused by the wind against his body.
à ta grande surprise en automne / To your great surprise in autumn
tu apprends / you learn
ne pas croire aux couleurs des feuilles / to not believe in the colors of leaves
et cet horrible mensonge du temps, / and their horrible lies of time.
cet horrible mensonge de la passion, / that horrible lie of passion,
de l’ambition, / of ambition
des moments, des souvenirs, / of moments, of memories
de ceux que tu as vécu ou non / those you have lived through or not
à une course aveugle comme un fleuve furibond / on the blind course of a stormy river
aux montagnes, aux chambres, aux consolations / through mountains, through rooms, through consolations
dans les diminutions que tu crois augmenter / within the diminishment that you think increases
aux étoiles qui dévorent la lumière du cœur / through stars that devour the light of your heart
aux cris sans échos sur le dernier rire / through cries without echoes of the last laugh
d’une feuille tombée / of a fallen leaf
tu apprends en demeurant interdit / you learn nevertheless that it is forbidden
l’immense mystère du temps et de la vie / the immense mystery of time and life.


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