LitBirthdays October 17, 2010


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October 17

Jupiter Hammon Jupiter Hammon (born October 17, 1711) – U.S. poet

Read about Jupiter Hammon, the first African-American (published) poet, here and here

Lord, hear our penitential Cry: Salvation from above; It is the Lord that doth supply, With his Redeeming Love.

Ho! every one that hunger hath, Or pineth after me, Salvation be thy leading Staff, To set the Sinner free.

(Excerpt from “An Evening Thought”)

An Address to Miss Phillis Wheatly

Fair wisdom’s ways are paths of peace,
And they that walk therein,
Shall reap the joys that never cease,
And Christ shall be their king.

God’s tender mercy brought thee here,
tost o’er the raging main;
In Christian faith thou hast a share,
Worth all the gold of Spain.

While thousands tossed by the sea,
And others settled down,
God’s tender mercy set thee free,
From dangers still unknown.

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