LitBirthdays October 18, 2010

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October 18

Jan Erik Vold (born October 18, 1939) – Norwegian poet Jan Erik Vold

Read about Jan Erik Vold here

Hokusai the old master, who painted a wave like
nobody ever painted a wave before him

close to 90. When he was 75
years of age, he said

of his pictures:  I started drawing
objects when I was
6. What I accomplished
before 50 is of no

merit. When I was 70
I still hadn’t
anything good.  At the age of 73

I reached an understanding
of the basic
shapes of animals
and plants. When I’m 80, my understanding

will be deeper, and when I’m 90
I shall
know the secrets
of my art

to the core — so when I’m 100
I shall come up with
pictures. Not to mention

the years
after that.
The main thing now
is to keep going.

Read “A Bottle-born Letter for Robben Island” (scroll down for English) here

…I send my letter in a bottle
to be thrown
into the water.
Provided there is an ocean.

Listen to Jan Erik Vold perform his jazz lyric poetry with Chet Baker

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