LitBirthdays October 20, 2010

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October 20

Dorothea Rosa Herliany (born October 20, 1963) – Indonesian poet – Kill the Radio (2007) Dorothea Rosa Herliany

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Excerpt from Kill the Radio (fragment 9)

i thought it was beethoven, reaching out:
silence had frozen around the door. the embrace
was perfect.

i was not yet asleep, but very tired.
i heard steps approaching,
they were too soft to be loneliness

the room was distant, sad: kilometers
away a car roared, half-way home.
then the silence returned — the old silence,
dancing alone.

but it was not beethoven.

jakarta, 1999

Read excerpts of Herliany’s poetry at the
Hand + Star online literary review

perempuan itu melukis dosa yang tak tertejemahkan

the woman writes of sins which cannot be translated.

ia tulis rahasia puisi yang perih dendam dalam gesekan rebab.

she writes bitter secret poems hidden in the sweep of the violin

lalu ia hentakkan tumit penari indian yang gelap dan mistis.

then makes a dark mysterious indian dancer stamp her foot down hard.

(Dorothea Rosa Herliany, ‘Perempuan Berdosa’/‘The Woman Who Sinned,’
translated by  Harry Aveling)

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