LitBirthdays October 24, 2010

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October 24

Emma Donoghue (born October 24, 1969) – Irish / Canadian playwright, novelist – Room (2010) emmadonoghue1

Read about Emma Donoghue here

Visit Emma Donoghue’s website

Read the New York Times book review of Room

Was the world inside Room somehow safer than the world outside?  Will Ma still be content to do nothing but interact with her frisky son? Is it harder to choose freely from a whole bowl of lollipops than to have no choice at all? “Room” is sophisticated in outlook and execution, but it’s not too complicated to use actual lollipops to frame that theoretical question.

Read an interview with Emma Donoghue

Emma Donoghue: The premise (child and woman locked in room) is actually a way of talking about more universal themes; about anyone’s childhood, anyone’s consciousness (since we’re each locked into one skull, after all). If the person I’m talking to still looks horrified and claims they could never read such a book, I lean in and whisper “Don’t worry, the kid’s not going to die!”

Emma Donoghue confides who is her all-time favorite author:

Listen to a reading of Room on Ireland’s RTE Radio 1



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