LitBirthdays October 25, 2010

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October 25

Suheir Hammad (born October 25, 1973) – Palestinian-American poet – Breaking Poems (2008) suheir-hammad-headshot

Read about Suheir Hammad here

Visit Suheir Hammad’s website

Excerpt from “A Prayer Band”

now is the time of rags
now is the indigo of loss
now is the need for cavalry

new orleans
i fell in love with your fine ass   poor boys   sweating   frying
catfish   blackened life   thick women   glossy   seasoning
bourbon   indians   beads   grit   history of races
and losers who still won

new orleans
i dreamt of living   lush   within your shuttered eyes
a closet of yellow dresses   a breeze on my neck
writing poems for do right men and a daughter of refugees

Read the entire poem here


Suheir Hammad performs two of her poems here

Suheir Hummad

Read some of Suheir Hammad’s poems here




Anne Tyler Anne Tyler (born October 25, 1941) – U.S. novelist – Noah’s Compass (2009)

Read Anne Tyler’s biography here

Read a review of Noah’s Compass here



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