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November 2

Jorge de Sena Jorge de Sena (born November 2, 1919) – Portuguese poet, playwright, essayist

Read about Jorge de Sena here

Watch a biography of Jorge de Sena with an interview:

“When I feel that I’m on the point of writing a poem, I refuse know what to think about what the poem will be. Because I want the poem to be entirely free to develop by instinct from inside and by itself.”

Three poems of love and desire by Jorge de Sena:

Wuthering Expectations on Jorge de Sena’s book Metamorphoses:

Metamorphoses was immediately pleasing. Easier, I guess. The images are helpful, giving the reader something on which to knock the poem. When a statue of Demeter in the British Museum is described as:

Monster in vast pleats, no head,
no legs, no arms. A mountain
of hips and trunk. Cliffs
for breasts.

the monster and the mountain are immediately visible, and when the poet plunges into the volcano to form the marble (“slowly pushed, pushed up \ through gaping crust”), the change is only logical, as is the statue’s final transformation into “immaculate flesh” at the end of the poem.


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