LitBirthdays November 6, 2010

November is

National Drum Month


Jewish Book Month

National Novel Writing Month
American Indian / Native American Heritage Month

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November 6

Karin Fossum.jpg

Karin Fossum (born November 6, 1954) – Norwegian crime fiction writer – The Indian Bride (2008)

Read the Wikipedia biography of Karin Fossum

and more here

“She tends to to sympathize with and seeks to understand the point of view of  ‘the outsider.’ She is concerned with making the reader understand why the main character or the criminal behaves the way he or she does, and usually manages to do this – by means of excellent, thorough, and careful character descriptions.”

Read an interview with Karin Fossum

Fossum has an atypical attitude to her sleuth, the kindly, slightly stuffy Inspector Konrad Sejer (the Norwegian pronunciation is “Say-ear” – meaning victory). “My detective is not very important to me,” she says. “He’s in the book because he has a job to do for me, but I never intend him to be a major character.” Equally, the relationship between Sejer and his assistant avoids the formulaic mentor-protégé template familiar to police procedurals.

Watch a BBC documentary about Scandinavian crime fiction
(Karin Fossum at minute 43:00) 

“My passion as a writer and sometimes even my problem as a writer is that I’m trying to make you feel something.  I want to move you. I’m not trying to be clever or make clever plots. I don’t care too much about the plot; it’s not that important to me. But I’d like to move you emotionally.”

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