LitBirthdays November 21, 2010


November is

National Peanut Butter Lovers Month


National Drum Month


Jewish Book Month

National Novel Writing Month
American Indian / Native American Heritage Month

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November 21

Tina Brown Tina Brown (Christina Hambley Brown) (born November 21, 1953) – U.K. / U.S. editor, publisher, writer – The Diana Chronicles (2008)

Read a biography of Tina Brown here

Brown is the woman who transformed Tatler, brought Vanity Fair back from the dead and invigorated The New Yorker. Now she is hopeful of reviving Newsweek, partly with the digital energy of The Daily Beast – which was last year named by Newsweek’s rival Time as one of the best five news and information sites in the world.

Read an assessment of Tina Brown and her 2017 memoir, The Vanity Fair Diaries

Brown grew up in Britain in the 1950s and 1960s, in a milieu in which money was too scarce to offer a scale of status. Her father worked in the threadbare British film industry, a comfortable but not a lavish life. She arrived in a New York that had plunged into a money mania unparalleled since the Jazz Age. The wealth geyser erupted, pushing the city’s rich into a new social stratosphere—of which Brown designated herself the most astute and intimate chronicler. Her role both delighted and troubled her. “Why do I keep seeking out the things I deride?” she wonders. She never does find the answer.

Read the Wikipedia article about Tina Brown

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