LitBirthdays December 9, 2010

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December 9

Edoardo Sanguineti Edoardo Sanguineti (b. 1930) – Italian poet, critic, playwright

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“My Father’s Voice”

from Postkarten, 1972-77

by Edoardo Sanguineti

my father’s voice is recorded on a tape labeled “Venice ’66”:

(the flipside features a Mozart symphony):

the tape contains a series

of phone calls from that time: my three boys, my wife, various relatives

of my wife, and a couple of her friends got reeled in by that wiretap

(there’s even my mother-in-law ordering bottles of Lurisia from a woman

with a deli in Turin, an Emilian is my guess):

the electrifying clip (which electrified me

on Tuesday in a fit of unhappiness): (and was a typical trait of his):

(which determined many things for me and my life): (I’m quoting from memory)

is when he says, then, to my son:

when others are happy, I’m happy too:

translated from Italian by Will Schutt

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