LitBirthdays January 9 – 15, 2011

January is

National Hot Tea Month

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January 9

Thorvald Steen
Thorvald Steen (born January 9,1954) – Norwegian novelist – Camel Clouds / Kamelskyer

Read the Wikipedia article about Thorvald Steen

Read a synopsis of Steen’s novel Camel Clouds

Watch an interview with Thorvald Steen (Norwegian language) talking about Saladin

January 10

Louise Carver (born January 10, 1979) – South African singer/songwriter

Read about Louise Carver here

Watch the music video of “I didn’t mean to call”

January 11

Little Gerda 1954 by Sulamith Wulfing
Sulamith Wülfing (born January 11, 1901) – German artist, illustrator – Angels

Read the Wikipedia article about Sulamith Wülfing

See examples of Sulamith Wülfing’s art here

Watch a slide show of Sulamith Wülfing’s artwork

January 12

Inoue Takehiko Inoue Takehiko (born January 12 1967) – Japanese manga artist

Read about Inoue Takehiko here

See examples of Inoue Takehiko’s art in the 2009 “The Last Manga” exhibit

Read an interview with Inoue Takehiko

Visit the Inoue Takehiko official website

January 13

Jay McInerney Jay McInerney (John Barrett McInerney Jr.) (born January 13, 1955) – U.S. novelist – How It Ended: New and Collected Stories (2010)

Read the Wikipedia article about Jay McInerney

Watch Jay McInerney talk about insecurity

January 14

Albert Schweitzer

Albert Schweitzer (born January 14, 1875) – Swiss medical missionary, humanitarian – On the Edge of the Primeval Forest (1924)

Read about Albert Schweitzer here and here

Read an alternative viewpoint on Albert Schweitzer at the African Insights blog

I came across a book entitled The Africa of Albert Schweitzer, written in 1948 by Charles Joy and Melvin Arnold. As I read it, my former childhood hero crumbled from his pedestal into mere dust when I realized that this great man, this humanitarian who believed in the reverence for life, held the African in low esteem. He lived in Africa, but unlike the one in whose name he came, he did not dwell or live amongst them. He lived in his own world, surrounded by likeminded, segregated from the African; the hospitals had wards and living quarters for Europeans and for Africans, separate dining halls, separated lives, living geographically near but poles apart.

Read online the book On the Edge of the Primeval Forest, Schweitzer’s memoir of his medical missionary work in Gabon, here

January 15

Sofia Kovalevskaya Sonya Kovalevsky (Sofia Kovalevskaya) (born January 15, 1850) Russian mathematician, memoirist, novelist – A Russian Childhood (1889)

Read about Sofia Kovalevsky here and here and here

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