LitBirthdays February 13 – 19, 2011

February is

Black History Month


Library Lovers Month

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February 13

Mark Watson (born February 13, 1980) – U.K. comedian, novelist – Eleven (2010)

Read the Wikipedia article about Mark Watson

More about Mark Watson here



 Born February 13

Lenard Duane Moore

Faiz Ahmad Faiz

Georges Simenon



February 14

beejan-olfat Beejan Olfat (born February 14, 1985) – Australian actor, playwright – The Arrival

Read the Wikipedia article about Beejan Olfat

Born February 14

Richard Allen

Carlton Moss


Frederick Douglass

Eric Andersen



February 15


Miep Gies (born February 15, 1909) – Dutch humanitarian – Anne Frank Remembered (1987)

Read about Miep Gies, one of the helpers who sheltered Anne Frank and her family, here and here

Visit the Miep Gies website

[From the Miep Gies website FAQ]

9. What made you risk your life to help the families?

Answer Miep Gies: “An important factor in taking this load on my shoulders was my personal history. My home country Austria engaged itself in a war, that lasted from 1914 till 1918. It lost everything it once had. Food became very scarce and I, eleven years old, fell ill with tuberculosis. My parents could not give me the nourishment and medicine I needed. Therefore, they accepted the offer from a Dutch family to take me in on a temporary basis. I remember sitting lonely and crying in a train with a cord around my neck and a sign hanging from it, stating my name: Hermine Santruschitz. After a 700 mile train ride I arrived in the Netherlands, welcomed by a family that spoke a strange language. They already had five kids and had to live on a modest salary. Still they shared everything they had with me and sent me to fine schools. In return for this good fortune, I was now able to help other people!

I further foresaw, that if I would not help, my conscience, later, would torture me. So, I helped, hoping that all, who would meet the same dilemma, would understand my reasoning and will reach out too.”

Born February 15

Brian Holland

Masuji Ibuse



February 16

elisabeth_eybers Elisabeth Eybers (born February 16, 1915) – South African poet

Read the Wikipedia article about Elisabeth Eybers


Ons liefde het gesterf met die oggendstond, / The love we shared died in the early morning light,

En ons het haar begrawe, bleek en stom; / and we buried her cold and pale;

teer lentegras en geurige voorjaarsgrond / tender spring grass and fragrant early-year’s ground covers her,

bedek haar, sonder smuk van krans of blom. / without mourning by wreath or flower.

Onthou jy haar?…. Sy was tingerig-fyn, / Do you remember her?…

She was fine and delicate,

met vingers slank en lig, haar stem was sag, / with fingers long and slender, her voice was soft,

en haar blou wonder-oë vreemd en rein. / and her astounding blue eyes, pure and bewildering.

Haar dood was vreedsaam, sonder rougeklag. / Her death was peaceful, without cries of heartache and pain.

Ek mag nie om haar ween: haar stil vertrek / I may not mourn her loss: Her quiet departure

was beter as ‘n kwynende bestaan / was better than a dying existence.

– maar, ag, ek wonder of jy ooit, soos ek, / But, oh, I wonder if you ever, like me,

‘n oomblik by haar graf in mym’ring staan. / just for a moment at her grave in mourning stand.

[Translation by Melissa at her “Not Much To Say” blog]

Born February 16

Otis Blackwell

Paul Gilroy




February 17

Julia de Burgos
Julia de Burgos (born February 17, 1914)

Read about Julia de Burgos here

Read Lisette Flores-Nieves’ blog about Julia de Burgos

Born February 17

Huey Newton

Lupe Fiasco



February 18

Leonard (Len) Deighton (born February 18, 1929) – U.K. novelist, illustrator – The Ipcress File (1962)

Read the Authors Calendar biography of Len Deighton

Visit the Len Deighton fan website

An Interview with Len Deighton

He looks like a well-preserved retired don, but doesn’t sound like one, his cockney accent undiluted by four decades of living away from England.

His first four novels are a wonderful mixture of the exciting and the amusingly humdrum, narrated by an unnamed working-class intelligence officer from Burnley who spends as much time trying to reclaim his expenses as he does searching for kidnapped scientists. His Eton- and Oxbridge-educated superiors are usually incompetent – “what chance did I stand between the communists on the one side and the establishment on the other” – or treacherous.

Deighton doesn’t see the character as an anti-hero, and stresses that he is a romantic, incorruptible figure in the mould of Philip Marlowe. “This is not the way it is now. Modern fiction is not so keen to guard the integrity of our heroes … When I started writing I had rules. One was that violence must not solve the problem, and I cannot have the hero overcome violence with a counterweight of violence.”

Born February 18

Audre Lorde

Toni Morrison



February 19

Jaan Kross (born February 19, 1920) – Estonian novelist, short story writer – Väljakaevamised / Excavations (1990)  

Read about Jaan Kross here and here



Born February 19

Clifton Taulbert

Eileen Jackson Southern

Andre Breton


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