LitBirthdays February 20 – 26, 2011

February is

Black History Month


Library Lovers Month

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February 20

Nevena Stefanova (born February 20, 1923 or 1924) – Bulgarian poet

Read about Nevena Stefanova here and here


Born February 20

Linda Brown

Ellis Cose

Buffy Sainte Marie


February 21

Hakan Nesser
Hakan Nesser (born February 21, 1950) – Swedish crime novelist – Mind’s Eye (1993) (Inspector Van Veeteren series)

Read about Hakan Nesser here and here

Listen to an interview with Hakan Nesser speaking of his Inspector Van Veeteren character and crime novels in general

“He’s almost as if he doesn’t want to explore the evil or hunt down the murderers but he has a kind of moral imperative that tells him you must do this.”


Born February 21

Claudia Jones

Corey Harris

Anais Nin


February 22

Danilo Kis
Danilo Kis (born February 22, 1935) – Serbo-Hungarian novelist, essayist – Garden, Ashes (1965)

Read about Danilo Kis here

Read an autobiographical essay in

Homo Poeticus: Essays and Interviews, Danilo Kis

Visit the Danilo Kis website (Serbo-Croatian language)


Born February 22

William Whipper

Ishmael Reed

James Russell Lowell


February 23

Aziz Ansari Aziz Ansari (born February 23, 1983) – U.S. comedian

Read about Aziz Ansari here and here

Listen to Aziz Ansari being interviewed on NPR’s Fresh Air radio program

Watch Aziz Ansari do standup comedy
(Warning: explicit language; frequent use of obscenity)



Born February 23

Claude Brown

W.E.B. DuBois


February 24

Alain Mabanckou
Alain Mabanckou (born February 24, 1966) – Congolese novelist, poet – Petit Piment (2015)

Read about Alain Mabanckou here and here

Watch Alain Mabanckou and Etgar Keret discuss their writing at the Edinburgh Book Festival

Read a synopsis of Petit Piment (in French) here

“With strongly drawn portraits, lively rhythm, sparkling and inventive language, Little Pepper is a new delight and Alain Mabanckou has the secret. He puts a boy on the scene, a Dickensian Oliver Twist type, and follows him from the orphanage to the streets of Pointe-Noire, where he finds “Mom’s Fiat 500” and her ten girls, each more beautiful than the next. A clever and inspired storyteller, Mabanckou is also an acute observer of Congolese society. Through the peregrinations of Little Pepper the history of this country unfolds in the years from 1960-1970 — independence and the socialist revolution. And through the fates of the characters, we find corruption, ethnic conflict, poverty, the status of women. On several occasions, the text is reminescent of Georges Brassens. He has the freedom, the banter and the heady charm. – Michel Abescat (


Born February 24

Kasi Lemmons

Grant Allen


February 25

Russell Atkins (born February 25, 1926) – U.S. poet, editor, composer

Read about Russell Atkins here and here and here


Born February 25

George Schuyler

Mary Coyle Chase

George Harrison


February 26

Adem Demaci Adem Demaçi (born February 26, 1936) Albanian human rights activist, novelist, politician

Read about Adem Demaçi here and here

Read a description of Adem Demaci in Henry Perritt’s book
Kosovo Liberation Army


Born February 26

Fats Domino

Sharon Bell Mathis

Victor Hugo


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