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June 17

Born June 17

Jeph Jacques (b. 1980) – U.S. comic strip artist – Questionable Content

Nino (Kazunari Ninomiya) (b. 1983) – Japanese singer/songwriter

June 18

Lidia Jorge

Lidia Jorge b. 1946 – Portuguese novelist – A Noite das Mulheres Cantoras / The Night of the Singing Women (2011)

Read about Lidia Jorge here

An interview with Lidia Jorge where she describes her writing and her formation as a writer:

Do the characters in my books reflect a state of despair? I do not consciously create them as such. I always consider my fictional characters as projects of people, other people, longing for another world, demanding other types of words, other logic and other destiny. If, from this drama, what strikes the reader is a feeling of unresolved despair, this is because the human face I try to bring together through the miracle of the beauty that words are supposed to bring is not there. The truth is that, in literature, what is opposed to disorder is not necessarily order, it is beauty. In the literary universe, the quiet desperation is the attitude of humans acting under the guise of the characters’ own words in search of meanings that are denied to us by daily existence.

Read a review of The Memorables by Lidia Jorge

Lídia Jorge autopsies the military coup that brought democracy to her country but more importantly, she questions what happened to the major players of the Carnation Revolution. Her book was published in 2014, for the fortieth anniversary of the 25 of April 1974 events. Ana Maria writes her story six years after she did her documentary and what she narrates happened in 2004, for the thirtieth anniversary of the revolution. Symbolic years. Time and remembrance are important in her book.

Read windsonsdad’s review of The Painter of Birds by Lidia Jorge

Read Lidia Jorge’s thoughts about the film adaptation of her novel
A Costa dos Murmúrios

Throughout the twentieth century, literature coexisted with cinema, absorbing its narrative techniques, but it also tried to escape from it in order to survive within its own physical space… there is a strong possibility that I would not write as I do, mindful of the murmur of smaller things, if I had not seen all those Nouvelle Vague films, if I had not been drawn to Buñuel’s mystical diabolism, to Fellini’s celebration of grand feasts, or even to Visconti’s aestheticism. Later on in life, I grew closer to film directors who are capable of drawing remarkable syntheses of all of these things. Some time ago, I wrote a short story entitled O Perfume, dedicated to Yilmaz Güney, because of his unforgettable film Yol. I wanted to pay homage to him by bringing that story up to date…

Lidia Jorge talks about the female characters in her novels

I think my novels take stock of a Mediterranean image of woman. Their
strength is powerful and subversive, more invisible than socially apparent.
Politics may still pass them by. The family still seems as if a given by nature
rather than by the culture. In my novels the women complain about their lot.
As I am not a feminist writer, in the traditional sense, I don’t portray them
as victims; neither do I give them good characters to contrast the evil ones. I’m not constructing a simplistic dichotomy. Humankind has two faces—the angelic and the savage. My women have too.

Watch a short “bio pic” of Lidia Jorge (in Portuguese)

Born June 18

Sammy Cahn (Samuel Cohen) (b. June 18, 1913) – U.S. songwriter/lyricist – “High Hopes”

Paul McCartney (b. 1942) – U.K. singer/songwriter (The Beatles)


June 19

Born June 19

Aung San Suu Kyi (b. 1945) – Burmese political leader, human rights activist, 1991 Nobel Peace Prize winner – Letters from Burma (1997)

Pauline Kael (b. 1919) – U.S. film critic – I Lost It at the Movies (1965)

Salman Rushdie (b. 1947) – British-Indian novelist – The Satanic Verses(1988)


June 20

Born June 20

Enn Vetemaa (b. 1936) – Estonian novelist, playwright, lyricist, poet

Amos Tutuola (b. 1920) – Nigerian novelist  – The Palm Wine Drinkard (1952)

Anna Laetitia Barbauld (b. 1743) – British poet, essayist, children’s book writer –  “Eighteen Hundred and Eleven” in The Poems of Anna Letitia Barbauld

June 21

Born June 21

John Agard (b. 1949) – U.K. – Guyana poet, playwright, children’s writer

Benazir Bhutto (b. 1953) – Pakistani political leader –  Daughter of Destiny: An Autobiography (1989)

Jean-Paul Sartre (b. 1905) – French philosopher, playwright, novelist

Mary McCarthy (b. 1912) – U.S. novelist, theater critic – The Unimportance of Being Oscar

June 22

Born June 22

Moana Maniapoto (b. 1961) – New Zealand / Maori singer/songwriter, filmmaker

Abbas Kiarostami (Persian: عباس کیارستمی (b. 1940) – Iranian film director, screenwriter – Close-Up (1990)

Kaarina Helakisa
(b. 1946) – Finnish children’s book writer – At Least a Million Blue Cats. Ainakin Miljoona Sinistä Kissaa (1978)

Sándor Weöres (b. 1913) – Hungarian poet

Dan Brown (b. 1964) – U.S. novelist – The DaVinci Code

June 23

Born June 23

Steven Dietz

Anna Akhmatova (b. 1889) – Russian poet

Alfred Kinsey (b. 1893) – U.S. biologist who studied human sexuality – The Kinsey Reports (1948)

Patrick Monahan (b. 1976) – Irish-Iranian standup comedian

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