February 6 – Nay Win Myint

Nay Win Myint – born February 6, 1952

nay win myint

Burmese novelist and essayist about Burma.
Read the Wikipedia entry for Nay Win Myint here.
Brown University bio for Nay Win Myint here and audio reading of Nay Win Myint short story here (Burmese language introduction followed by English reading).

Excerpt from the above reading at Brown University:
“Along this route were acacias, the most handsome I’d ever seen, with bright golden trunks and dark leaves that stood out starkly from the parched landscape of the dry zone… Along the eastern horizon sprawled the lime of the Irrawaddy, and to the west was the green blur of a banana plantation. In the distance, smoke from a rice mill mingled with the clouds overhead. When we reached the mountains of bran ash outside the mill, the horse and wagon turned onto the highway…

Just after the wagon had cleared a high brick bridge across the canal, an open space appeared to the right. Once this had been the spot where movies were shown. In those days of course, the village had no electricity, but with the help of a generator we nevertheless managed to see literally hundreds of movies. And now all that remained was a bald patch of ground where not a blade of grass grew. The spot, glimpsed from my perch on the wagon, brought memories flooding back; how we’d all loved it when a movie came into the village, though none of us save those who’d been to the city called them movies. To us they were “bioscopes.”


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