LitBirthdays – February 18, 2014

Happy Birthday!

Nikos Kazantzakis – born February 18, 1883

Greek novelist – Zorba the Greek; The Last Temptation of Christ
Read the Wikipedia entry for Nikos Kazantzakis here.

Read the “Wrap me in phyllo dough” blog post about Nikos Kazankzakis here.
“Kazantzakis believed (largely from his studies with philosopher Henri Bergson) that there are two central, driving forces in human life. One of these forces strives upward, and can best be described as pure energy. The other force struggles downward and represents everything that frustrates the upward force, namely stagnation and homogeneity. Kazantzakis believed that we must do all we can to follow the upward force…”

Read the Google Books excerpts from Zorba the Greek here.


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