LitBirthdays January 15, 2016

Happy Birthday Paul Halpern!

Paul Halpern – U.S. physics professor and science writer, born 1961 – Einstein’s Dice and Schrödinger’s Cat (2014)


Read about Paul Halpern here:

Paul Halpern

And here:

From an interview:

Lisa: Why does the universe seem so smooth?

Paul: If you look at the radio sky, you observe approximately the same temperature in every direction, about the same average number of galaxies per patch, and so forth. This general sameness cannot be coincidence; all these points must have at some moment been much, much closer together. That is why astronomers think that there was a moment of inflation-extremely rapid expansion-that separated very close points. It is like smoothing a sheet’s wrinkles by stretching it very quickly. Without the ultra-rapid expansion it is hard to explain the smoothness.

From Einstein’s Dice, page 75:

If lacking free will is like being in prison, general relativity is the ultimate jailer. By fusing time with space, it melds the past, present, and future together into a solid block. Time’s landscape is as frozen as a Siberian gulag. All of history is forever locked in place; we just haven’t yet served our time. … A unified theory that explained electricity along with gravity could in principle map out the neural connections of everyone who has lived or ever will live. We’d be condemned to think thoughts and take actions that have forever been ordained.


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