Abs Fab Monday – Buy Used Books!

Look for DempseyBooks used books on Amazon.com

It’s Buy or Bygone: Books not sold sooner will be thrown out later.

Trumpet at a Distant Gate – The Lodge as Prelude to the Country House
by Tim Mowl
Daughter of Fortune
by Isabel Allende
The Lawmen – United States Marshals and their Deputies
by Frederick S. Calhoun
LP Record Album: The Nativity of the Lord
(Organ recital by Theodore Gillen)

Diane Burko: Politics of Snow
(2010 Exhibit at Locks Gallery, Philadelphia, PA)


U.S. Air Force – Its Strategy, Men, and Weapons
by Kesaharu Imai

Establishment by Art Buchwald

The Establishment Is Alive and Well in Washington
by Art Buchwald
(Nixon era satire-humor)

Middeleeuwse dominicanessenkloosters in Nederland (Van Gorcum’s historische bibliotheek) (Dutch Edition)
by S. P. Wolfs
[Dutch language scholarly work on Dominican convents during the Middle Ages]

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