December 31 – Machi Tawara

Happy Birthday Machi Tawara!

Machi Tawara (俵 万智 Tawara Machi) (b. 1962) – Japanese poet Machi Tawara - Japanese poet

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Her first volume of tanka, Salad Anniversary, was published in 1987 and became an immediate bestseller with nearly three million copies in print. With this outstanding debut publication, she recieved the Modern Japanese Poets Association Award(1988). Her third collection of tanka, Chocolate Revolution, was published in 1997.

Machi Tawara reads some of her poetry:

Read about Japanese tanka verse here

“Your left hand exploring my fingers one by one maybe this is love”
[from Machi Tawara’s Salad Anniversary, English translation by Juliet Winters Carpenter]

A birthday I spend thinking
how a whole year is so short,
a single day so long.

[From Salad Anniversary, translated by Quentin S. Crisp]

[Read more of Tawara’s tanka verse here]


Born December 31

Siné (Maurice Sinet) (b. 1928) – French cartoonist

Odetta Holmes Gordon (b. 1930; d. December 2, 2008) – U.S. Singer, songwriter, civil rights activist



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